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Start: 01-Nov-2017

War Thunder Update 1.57 "Battle March"



War Thunder proudly presents

Update 1.57


"Вattle March"

We are pleased to present update 1.57 “Battle March” - brand new vehicles, two new locations and many other game improvements.

Read the full list of changes in the changelog.

With the relentless “Battle March” towards the fields of conflict, you can expect a new branch of German open-topped SPGs: Pz.Jg. I, Pz.Sfl.IVa Dicker Max, Nashorn in addition to the existing Marders.

The greatest strength of these vehicles is their extremely powerful cannons!

Pz.Jg. I Nashorn Pz.Sfl.IVa Dicker Max

Branches of other nations will receive intereaging machines as well. The КV-1S heavy tank and the Т-44-100 medium tank will make fans of the Soviet armoured vehicles happy, while the title of “one of the most desired tanks” now rightfully belongs to the Chieftain Mk.3! 

КV-1S Chieftain Mk.3 Т-44-100

Pilots! Meet the new aircraft that will soon be gracing the skies of War Thunder: P-61 U.S. heavy fighters, the FAW20 Sea Venom British jet fighter and the famous German ”Pfeil” Do 335 that will be available in three modifications. Additionally the Sunderland Mk.IIIa (Great Britain) and the MBR-2 (USSR) flying boats will also be joining the battle..

P-61 Do 335 МBR-2

“Frozen Pass” and “Volokolamsk” - two new winter locations. Frozen Pass features picturesque Alpine landscape scenery while battles on the plain of “Volokolamsk” will be held amongst the rural countryside of Russia, with recreated fortifications created by the famous General Panfilovs’ 4th company 

“Volokolamsk” “Frozen Pass” 


An updated interface, new sounds and the “last man standing” feature. More accurate damage calculation and updated flight models for specific vehicles, plus dynamic light sources for explosion effects, shell hits, rocket launching and vehicle flame damage effects.

This and much more is waiting for you our fans in the “Battle March” update!


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Other Changes


Damage Model

  • Damage inflicted by HE-F ammunition (including APHE ammo and rockets for ground vehicles) is now calculated more accurately according to explosive type and weight.

Ground vehicles performance changes

  • M6A1: maximum power value for Wright G-200 engine has been corrected: from 960 HP to 800 HP. According to: TM 9-721 “Heavy Tanks M6 and M6A1''. Catalogue of Standard Ordnance Items, Second Edition, 1944. Volume I. Office of the Chief of Ordnance Technical Division.
  • VK4501 (P): Maximum speed value has been corrected:  from 33 km/h tо 35 km/h.  Turret rotation speed has been changed  from 7,5 degrees per second to 8 degrees per second. According to: ''Panzer Tracts - Panzerkampfwagen VI P (Sd.Kfz.181)''; ''Der Panzerkampfwagen Tiger und seine Abarten

Armament Changes

  • Matilda: depression angle values have been corrected: -20/20 according to Tank Infantry Mark II and IIA, 1940 Edition
  • M19: depression angle values have been corrected: -5/+85 according to FM 44-62, 1947. Twin 40-mm Gun Motor Carriage M19
  • T-34-100: depression angle values have been corrected: -3/+18 according to «Отечественные Бронированные Машины. XX век. Том 2, 1941-1945» 
  • HE filler mass value has been corrected for the following 100mm ammo: BR-412 (65 gr), BR-412B (65 gr), BR-412D (61 gr.). According to: «Таблицы Стрельбы 100-мм зенитной пушки КС-19 по Наземным Целям»

Changes in Flight Models


  • Choice of vehicles in a battle has been updated and improved.
  • Display ranges of the battle zones on the map and minimap have been increased.


  • New sounds for Ho-301 air cannon.
  • New sounds for the engine of the M18 “Hellcat”.
  • Environmental sounds in ground battles has been improved and expanded.
  • New sounds for hits and ricochets depending on the type of shells involved in ground battles.
  • PS4: The sound in voice chat has been improved.


  • Dynamic light sources for effects of explosions, shell hits, launching of rockets and catching fire have been added.
  • Possibility of using aerobatic smoke of different colours for wings and tail (three coloured aerobatic smoke for those that have Thunder League Dog Tag) 
    Can be turned on in: Menu > Game Options > Aerobatic Smoke Type > Tricolor. 

Research and Economy

  • Changed position in research for the following German armoured vehicles and self-propelled guns: 
    • Pz 35 (t), Pz 38 (t) Ausf. A and F moved to the top of the research tree for armoured SPG’s ahead of the Stug Ausf. A without BR changes. 
    • SPG Jagdpanzer 38 (t) moved to the 3rd rank in the research tree for armoured German SPG’s before the Jagdpanzer IV without BR changes. 

Game mechanics

  • In arcade battles with ground vehicles the physical multipliers for arcade have been adjusted as follows: 
    • Reduction of 10% of the main drive ratio, which increases the maximum forward and reverse speed by 10%.
    • Engine power has been increased by 10% relative to 1.55.
    • Rate of the turn of the turret has been decreased by 30% and the speed of gun elevation has been changed.
  • New replacement mechanics of the last remaining crew member for ground vehicles has been added - currently for RB and SB mode only.

The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

Be sure to checkout all these features, changes and fixes in game now!
Welcome to 1.57 "Battle March"!